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Anyone can benefit from Pilates: The athlete, the workerbee, those with injuries or physical barriers, the flexible and the inflexible, the dancer, the boxer, and the expecting mother or new mother! With hundreds of exercises, Pilates will push you farther than you ever thought your body could go. Pilates is a safe and effective way to stretch, strengthen, and streamline your body. These exercises are designed to train several muscle groups at once in smooth, continuous movements. By developing this proper technique, you actually re-train your body to move in more efficient patterns of motion.

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I'm Shepherd, and I believe fitness and self-love can literally affect every aspect of your being. Your confidence, daily happiness, relationships, and interactions all stem from how you treat yourself. It's time to take care of you! I'm on a mission to help you become the most radiant, strong, and confident version of yourself. I want to help you find your fitness love match that inspires you to take care of your body and love it fully!

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Rodan & Fields Sales/ Jonathon Calhoun State Farm Owner 

Mary Vance Calhoun

I've never really been into exercising. I’ll go to the gym, not really know what I’m doing, and leave frustrated. After a car wreck my PT suggested I go to Pilates to help strengthen my back. I started Pilates with Shepherd, and after about 3 or 4 months I started noticing a big difference in my posture. My back no longer bothered me and I started to get muscle definition - something I have never had! Pilates has totally changed my outlook on exercise and a healthy life!”


Through her pilates classes, Shepherd has helped me reshape my body completely, creating feminine lean muscle mass and gentle curves. I'm stronger than ever, and my posture has never been better. Plus, her positive energy is contagious!"

Jocelyn Leroux

 Director, Writer, Performer, Traveler



Frankie Shaw

I filmed in Wilmington for three months. I tried a few other classes before finding Shepherd, and once I did, I literally booked her every chance I got. And when it was time to go back to California, I begged for her to move to LA so I could keep working out with her. She just gets it. She worked me hard, she worked on the areas that I really needed to focus on.  She was fun, and so so so kind. She really loves what she does, and that's so rare - to find someone training you because of their love of fitness. I'm still hoping that some day she makes it to LA."


Dental Assistant Professor/ Real Estate

Beverly & Jim Hardee 

Pilates with Shepherd is an integral part of keeping healthy for my husband and me; not only for our physical health but for our relationship as well. Doing Pilates together is fun and gives us a renewed energy together as a couple. As a person with Parkinson's Disease, Balance and coordination is extremely important for Jim in keeping mobile. We're grateful and impressed that Shepherd consults healthcare professionals and researches to ensure Jim's sessions are geared towards his individual needs. Pilates with Shepherd keeps our core strong, muscles flexible and bodies balanced.”



Lisa Brown

I started training with my daughter to help her get stronger for ballet. Having Isabelle train with Shepherd made a huge difference, and now she’s living her dream and training to be a ballerina in New York City! After being in chiropractic treatment for years after several severe whiplashes, my neck and back finally feel stabilized and I feel so much stronger. Amazing results!”


Physical Therapist

LeNeve Davenport Duncan 

Pilates has changed my life! I lost weight, improved my flexibility and posture and I am stronger than I was 20 years ago. What I really love about Shepherd's classes is that she has an ability to modify exercises in the class for different fitness levels so that everyone gets the optimal workout. Shepherd is also an incredible positive force. She sparkles!"


RN, Wife, Grandmother

Carla Schiffle

I began Pilates when I turned 54 and in anticipation of my daughters wedding. The results far exceeded my expectation. I feel stronger, my knee pain is gone, and my husband is complimentary. Thank you Shepherd, you are the BEST!”


I began a six week challenge with Pilates. Committing to three classes per week taught by Shepherd, I lost 42 pounds. My body has toned in ways that running never did." 

Sharon Evans

Professional Mom and Grandmother







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