6am: Cardio Sculpt 1.5
7am: Reformer Flow 1.5
8am: Control 1.5
9am: Suspend 1.5
12pm: Reformer Flow 1.5


6am: Cardio Sculpt 1
7am: Reformer Flow 1.5
8am: Reformer Flow 1
9am: Cardio Sculpt 1.5
12pm: Reformer Flow 1


6am: Cardio Sculpt 1.5
7am: Reformer Flow 1.5
8am: Reformer Flow 1
9am: Control 1.5


8am: Cardio Sculpt 1.5
9am: Reformer Flow 1.5
10am: Suspend 1.5
11am: Suspend 1.5


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class descriptions

Classes and Private training located at Club Pilates Wilmington 1121-F Military Cutoff Rd. Wilmington, NC 28405

Private training available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

*Contact to reserve your spot in any Pilates Reformer class, book a private or a duet session, or discuss previous
injuries and/or fitness and health goals.

* Available for in-home training in Yoga or Pilates.


Builds strength without bulking

Increases flexibility and agility

Develops optimal core strength and control

Creates flat abdominals, slender thighs, toned arms and a strong back

Provides a challenging, yet safe mind-body workout

Heightens body awareness and control

Corrects posture and alignment

Facilitates optimal function of internal organs

Gain relief from aches and pain and prevents injury

Provides a path to inner harmony through a finely tuned body (and so much more!)

I've mindfully designed a workout to develop strength, and tone, for the entire physique. I want to provide a challenging, yet safe, workout to meet every individual's need. I hold tight to the classic Pilates, time-proven methodology, while using the latest understanding of Physical Therapy.

I want to help you find your place of healing! Wellness, strength-training, and self-reliance at its best. Pilates will tone your body and strengthen your muscles, but the practice goes so much deeper than that. Having structured movement and Pilates in your daily routine helps with posture, balance, body-awareness, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, breath work, and stress levels. No matter the current state of your body, Pilates can help re-shape and sculpt. Pilates will give you the flexibility you never thought attainable, strength in muscles you didn’t know existed, internal focus, and external stamina.

what you can expect

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