The Pilates method is a challenging, but low impact, complete body workout. It focuses on strengthening the core, and elongating the muscles, rather than bulking. The Pilates workout is a resistance-based exercise that uses tension to strengthen and stretch the body, allowing the student to develop a long, strong, and lean form.

The 7 Principles created by Joseph Pilates hold true in each private or class session. Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath, Flow, and alignment can be found in every Pilates designed exercise, series on the mat, or the apparatus.

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Centering in Pilates is true engagement of the “powerhouse,” which is the center of your torso. All energy for your exercise is derived from the core, or center, of your body.  

Concentration creates focus in the student, allowing them to be fully aware of the body in each movement. How you preform the exercise is just as important as the exercise itself.

Pilates movement is not about intensity, but about control. This yields the greatest benefits while protecting the muscles from injury. In fact, control is so important in Pilates, that Mr. Pilates originally named the method “Contrology”. In this state of mindful awareness you can direct each and every move.

As the student practices concentration and gains control, the increase awareness creates precision in each movement. The student gains more benefits during precise movements rather than movement done sloppily.

It is most important to breath fully and purposefully when practicing each movement. Inhaling through the nose, and exhaling through the mouth, links the body to the mind-body connection required throughout each session. Focusing on your breath promotes awareness, and helps deliver the optimum amount of oxygen to the muscles being used.

Pilates, like disciplined dance forms, focuses on the quality of the movement. The quality comes from the balance and flow of the exercise, creating more efficient movement. This relationship allows a balance between muscle contraction and relaxation.

Having correct Alignment stabilizes the pelvis, which is the most important aspect of the Pilates practice. A faulty alignment has a negative effect on your ability to concentrate, center, breath properly, maintain correct posture, and achieve balanced, efficient movement.


Builds strength without bulking

Increases flexibility and agility

Develops optimal core strength and control

Creates flat abdominals, slender thighs, toned arms and a strong back

Provides a challenging, yet safe mind-body workout

Heightens body awareness and control

Corrects posture and alignment

Facilitates optimal function of internal organs

Gain relief from aches and pain and prevents injury

Provides a path to inner harmony through a finely tuned body (and so much more!)

I've mindfully designed a workout to develop strength, and tone, for the entire physique. I want to provide a challenging, yet safe, workout to meet every individual's need. I hold tight to the classic Pilates, time-proven methodology, while using the latest understanding of Physical Therapy.

I want to help you find your place of healing! Wellness, strength-training, and self-reliance at its best. Pilates will tone your body and strengthen your muscles, but the practice goes so much deeper than that. Having structured movement and Pilates in your daily routine helps with posture, balance, body-awareness, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, breath work, and stress levels. No matter the current state of your body, Pilates can help re-shape and sculpt. Pilates will give you the flexibility you never thought attainable, strength in muscles you didn’t know existed, internal focus, and external stamina.

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